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Aren’t You the Curry n’ Rice Girl?

12 Apr

Technically Aren’t You the Curry n’ Rice Girl?

 “Aren’t You the Curry and Rice Girl? My best foody who happens to be also my best friend for ever (BFF) posed this question on Skype during our weekly catching up session. It took me off guard. I blurted, “You know that I seldom eat rice and my relationship with curry is not very good either? Then why do you ask?” I was bit confused how could he ask such a lame question. The next thing I see on the screen is this youtube link. I almost fell off my chair I was laughing so violently.

 He continued, “I mean do these men stand a chance with you?” I was again taken aback how my BFF could ask me such a question when he knows I am not in this game. I don’t cook, clean or you know what… I camp, boogie board, meditate and have decided not to have any biological children hope he remembers I laugh like a devil on high. Oh yeh, I don’t drink, smoke or date either. I am pretty boring in a conventional sense. What is he thinking? I don’t fit any where in the desi box. Since I initiated project ME after homelessness and hit and run, I realized I am not any longer a relationship person, my priorities are different. I have recently started running after five years. I want to run marathons, climb Kilimanjaro. Yes, Papy we are going to Kili in 2012 on your big year. Nurse your back and get ready. Ok conditions apply- if I manage to stay alive till then. I had to repeat all of the above to him and remind him how lame it was to ask me such a question. He did not give up and continued “ok, then do they stand a chance with your friends?”

 Yeh, that is a different question I can’t speak for my friends but I have known them well for eons. I don’t think they’ll differ with me. Who knows their priorities might have changed like mine. Then I recalled Amu was still on shaadi.com and Atiya still hopeful to find someone to share her life with. Ah, this thing called hope and hope to find that one true “Love.” I roped in Amu on the Skype conference and asked her the same question. There was a silence for a minute and then follows what she said, he said and I said.

 Amu: Good video.

Desi Girl: BFF is asking if these guys stand a chance with you? Awaiting your expert comments…

Amu: Are you out of your mind?

Desi Girl: Why? Don’t you wanna find someone and have a family?

Amu: That is true, but I have never seen you putting me on the spot like this.

Desi Girl: I am just asking a question. What is the problem there?

Amu: Why do you have to hear every word from me when you know the answer?

Desi Girl: Yes, that is true. This BFF wont take my word so I want to you tell him what I already know.

Amu: A (we call him A for short), that is ridiculous.

BFF: Hi! Thanks, But why?

Amu: Do I have to explain that.

BFF: Yes, it will help my understanding of Indian culture (he is African American male big into diversity, cultural sensitivity and exploring racism in diverse locations, has made few documentaries in the Latin America)

Amu: Look dude I am in my early thirties, divorced desi woman who has a professional degree and a well paying job. I don’t cook or clean unless I want to. I exercise at least 5 times a week and I go dancing at least twice a month.

BFF: So it that a problem?

Amu: What have you then learned about desi culture? Oh my, DG you need to give him a 101 on Desi Gender Relations and gender expectations for desi women.

BFF: You just give me a yes and no answer.

Amu: Ok if that is what you want, NO in caps. Happy now?

BFF: But why?

Amu: Oh my God I never thought I’ll have to spell it out aloud.

BFF: Is there a problem?

Amu: You won’t let it go then take it. I don’t find any of them attractive to even go out with.

BFF: Isn’t that little shallow. I thought you would see beyond the exteriors. Isn’t that what we are suppose to do, give another person a chance and get to know someone before we write them off?

Amu: Thanks for judging me you Freud. Say what you wish but that is it for me. Also, I am not into these theatrics. Ask Atiya, she is the one with a degree in cinema studies. And you DG, don’t you do this again.

 Still refusing to let it go BFF stuck to his guns, I had to call Atiya on my crisis call three ring code (it means get on Skype or gmail, need to talk NOW). She had just returned from the college. She logged in and saw me haggling with BFF. I explained her issue at hand and sent her the link to take a peek. Here is what follows:

 Desi Girl: A wants to know if any of these guys stand a chance with any of us and you in particular.

Atiya: Interesting, you pinged me for this. Couldn’t this wait? I thought there was some existential crisis at your end.

Desi Girl: I implore you please do not log out on me this A, is driving me nuts.

Atiya: Interesting video, it is hilarious. But A why do you ask this?

BFF: I just wanted to know what kind of men do highly educated professional desi women prefer.

Atiya: It is not that simple. One takes many factors in consideration. You have to sort of know the other person…

BFF: You think like me, so this means you’ll go out with one of these guys.

Atiya: No I don’t think so.

BFF: Why not?

Atiya: Do I have to tell you?

BFF: Yes please, it will help me improve my understanding of desi culture more so of desi women.

Atiya: I don’t find that amusing. So keep a lid.

BFF: I just asked a simple question why you women have to be so uptight about it.

Atiya: Ok, No, I’ll not go out with someone I don’t find attractive.

BFF: That is too shallow?

Atiya: Yes, I know it is shallow but will it be right to go out and find out you like them and still are not attracted to them. Then it will be even harder to break it to them.

BFF: But aren’t you the fair and slimmmm girl!

Atiya: Yes, I may be but I am a healthy person who takes care of herself and is not interested in caring for another person who chooses to live an unhealthy life style.

BFF: How can you tell that looking at the person in the video? Isn’t the love supposed to motivate the partner to strive for good things. Isn’t the love about accepting the people for who they are?

Atiya: Enough, you Freud. Why can’t desi men accept us for who we are? Why is it that it is always desi women accepting not just men but their families too.  

BFF: I donno…

 Atiya: DG tell him about still fair and slim, mother of two and project manager Anu, who fakes it as if she is with someone else when she can’t stand now fat and ugly Ramesh.

Desi Girl: Uh!!! I didn’t need to know that…

Atiya: DG you owe me a good one. Get ready for that…

Desi Girl: Hoy, Hoy … I am not in this game. You guys need to sort it out on your own.

Atiya: Loged off

Desi Girl: Dude you are in trouble and you have put me in a big trouble with my girls.

BFF: Why? I thought your friends would be more accepting.

Desi Girl: Dude, I don’t disagree with you but I don’t disagree with them either. These are successful women who are competent enough to take care of themselves. They are looking for partners not chaperons. Also, why would they stick around with someone who is callous about their appearance and health? I guess they are accepting the fact what they need in a partner. I guess good job and reputed family are no longer sufficient conditions for an eligible desi bachelor…

BFF: I donno…

 It is for the readers to decide and make their mind about our Curry n’ Rice Girl…

 Enjoy Singing:

 Few times I checked the magazine ads,

I even tried the Indian chats,

Cos I really wanna find the right girl

I want a curry n rice girl!

I asked my dad and I asked my mum

To put my biodata on shaadi.com

Cos they want to find the right girl

They really don’t want a white girl!

O0o0o shes too dark shes too big!

O0o0o shes too short shes too thin!

O0o0o shes too small shes too light!

O0o0o0o OH MY GOD look shes so WHITE!

I looked thru the mags

Thru the county ads

Cos I was looking for my future wife

So an ad in the back I really liked

For a girl that was fair and slimmmm!

So I went to the house

And to my surprise

I saw the girl in front of me

And couldn’t tell if it was a her or him!

Few times I checked the magazine ads,

I even tried the Indian chats,

Cos I really wanna find the right girl

I want a curry n rice girl!

I asked my dad and I asked my mum

To put my biodata on shaadi.com

Cos they want to find the right girl

They really don’t want a white girl!

O0o0o shes too dark shes too big!

O0o0o shes too short shes too thin!

O0o0o shes too small shes too light!

O0o0o0o OH MY GOD look shes so WHITE!

Hey what is ur birthday

Hey what is your screename

Larki are u on friendster too?

Cos if u are then put ur picture up

And you’ll know ill holler at you

If you want to meet

We can go to eat

We will share some lassis and some ladoos,

If this doesn’t work out ill stop chasing girls

and let my parents choose!

Few times I checked the magazine ads,

I even tried the Indian chats,

Cos I really wanna find the right girl

I want a curry n rice girl!

I asked my dad and I asked my mum

To put my biodata on shaadi.com

Cos they want to find the right girl

They really don’t want a white girl!

O0o0o shes too dark shes too big!

O0o0o shes too short shes too thin!

O0o0o shes too small shes too light!

O0o0o0o OH MY GOD look shes so WHITE!

U like my biodata?


U like my biodata?


U like my biodata?


U like my biodata?


Few times I checked the magazine ads,

I even tried the Indian chats,

Cos I really wanna find the right girl

I want a curry n rice girl!

I asked my dad and I asked my mum

To put my biodata on shaadi.com

Cos they want to find the right girl

They really don’t want a white girl!





Atiya Finds the Imposter

22 Mar

Atiya Found the Imposter


All the chaos pertaining to abuse of GGTS label as personal moniker by some imposter(s) sent Atiya looking out for them. Late last night Desi Girl received an email from Atiya that she is posting here with her take on it. Atiya writes:


Desi Girl,

It bothered me a lot to see how GGTS has been abused by some unscrupulous and selfish person. Who not only likes to ride on someone’s nickel but is also flaunting pseudo intellectualism and expertise on very thing Indian thus claiming to be Mr. Know all. This person has never left the Indian subcontinent and has limited exposure to other cultures. Their low self esteem is compensated with narcissism and megalomania. Let me clarify how I am able to draw these conclusions, I had to visit each blog you mentioned in the disclaimer and had to read all the things I never wished to know. But it was an interesting read I should say that. The HBD and PUA are exactly what you and I detest from the core of our hearts. Then I had to trace GGTS to know where else she has been posting comments. I found Desi Girl had been visiting blog world across the globe and foolishly divulging TMI. I met Mr. Know All at Times of India, I noticed he made an open threat to you.

“Thanks for your invitation to visit GGTS and leave my opinion there. It may or may not help to make it better.    But one thing is for sure once I started to leave my opinion there you will forget to say…..

My best wishes are with you and your GGTS. Don’t worry, I am not planning to leave any comments there in near future.
Thanks and regards


He did keep his promise he did not leave any comment on GGTS but he definitely created a mess for you else where in the blog world. In his dark world nothing has changed and there is no hope for the humanity. Since your disclaimer his stance has changed for reference look the comment dated March 18, 2010 at jamilaakil.com . I know desi girl doesn’t agree with what is written there because she believes in respecting the God within her.

I wish, Desi Girl will learn something from this experience and use more discretion in sending out details about her life. I am also concerned as I am part of your desi knowledge production effort and I was the one who pushed you to create this blog. The anonymity of internet has its risks and it comes with greater responsibility both towards  self and others. I want you safe and alive. I cannot afford to loose our friendship of fifteen years and most of all you.

Like you I wish peace for the soul of this imposter. 



Desi Girl says:

Thank you, my dear friend to watchout my back. I value your friendship for you know me what I stand for and what matters to me. Yes, I honor the element of the creator/universe within me and the other person. I agree, you are right I should use more discretion in divulging personal information. But I do not know if this imposter is the same person you think is. It could be someone else with same tendencies taking advantage of that threat. They could even change name as usual and go else where and cook their stories but for us we know what we stand for at the GGTS

Recognize together we can change our lives 

Refuse to be part of any discriminatory behaviors and politics

 Resist stereotypes to build positive experiences

Yes, I wish them peace for they may know that peace is more than chasing skirts and omniscience. 

Desi Girl appreciates the support of all readers and comment writers on this blog and also all those who sent their personal support through emails.

An Ode to Mothering Desi Sons

5 Mar

An Ode to Mothering Desi Sons


Please watch from 5.03 mins onwards. I am still learning how to edit this video.


I just loved this punch line:

His individuality utterly stifled by a suffocating blanket of maternal protectiveness that has rendered him unable to do anything except …


This video was removed as it came to my notice some people were posting comments on various HBD and PUA blogs and forums using www.girlsguidetosurvival.wordpress.com URL as their moniker. This may have brougt in some trafic to GGTS but that is not the purpose of this blog. This blog is dedicated to healthy relationships and respect for all. Due to popular demand I have reinstalled this video. Enjoy…

Desi Son: Obligated to Take Care of Mother

23 Feb

Desi Son: Obligated to Take Care of Mother

I have been away for quite sometime gathering experiences, resolving karma and counting my blessings; most of the time without access to internet and long distance calling. Now I am back and I am answering responses on GGTS one at time. Some of the responses will never make it to the front and readers will never know about their existence due to private and confidential nature. Other hateful responses have no place at GGTS as my aim is to promote understanding and create safe space not to become a venting platform for personal grievances against a person or community. At this time I am also looking at the terms people have used to find GGTS blog while I was gone. One commonly used phrase is the title of this posting “Desi son obligated to take care of mother.” The other term that frequently sprouted was “how to emotional blackmail ex spouse.” There were many other phrases but these two amused me the most.

 In desi families male preference is rooted in the patriarchal infrastructural set up of communities. In the absence of state provided elder care, immediate and extended families share the burden of not only elder care but also share other responsibilities like marrying daughters and sisters; taking care of the sick; building family house and paying off debts etc. To smoothly regulate this need functional interdependence between all actors is a requirement. If this interdependence is to be maintained there has to be an effective way to channel different personalities without turning them into rebels and bitter individuals. Family and community traditions, cultural and religious rituals serve this purpose; like tradition of male primogeniture curbs the possible conflict of interests in family leadership and like wise family tradition of old parents living with a particular son- first born or last born. Generational reverence helps maintain clash between generations at the same time gender based division of labor prevent women from challenging the roles and responsibilities of men they are related to.

 There is another dimension to this equation where do the incoming women fit in; women brought into the family through marriage. The question remains, how their varied personalities are tamed and kept obedient to preserve the interests of the family. One way could be to bind them in the traditions of their conjugal families that may be different or similar to those of their natal homes. Another way to keep these women in line is to keep them insecure in their primary relationship i.e. marriage itself. As most marriages across the desi communities are arranged the initial bonding between the spouses is dependent on the good will of the conjugal kin. For many conjugal kin the access to a son’s material wealth is a matter of survival and for some other access to his services (although the serving part falls of his wife) in the time of need and old age.

 Women in this patriarchal set up beget social status by their association with men through marriage (spouse) and family- natal (father and brothers) and procreation (sons). Thus men are not only important to women for social status but survival too; being married to an able bodied man and siring sons seems important under such circumstance. For aging mother and young sister(s) know they cannot count on support from their spouses and conjugal kin so they have to depend on the sons and brothers for support and care if needed. Thus it is in their interest to disrupt his marital harmony. On the other hand same women (mother and sisters) resent their own husbands supporting their natal families. Just disrupting the marriage is not a sufficient condition often a back up plan is administered in the form of guilt induction and constant reminders of gendered responsibilities of the sons. With the constant guilt ridden early socialization any individual will not only fear establishing independent relationships as adults but will distrust personal relationships. Lack of confidence to handle intimate relationships magnify the fear of mother’s premonitions “you will change and forsake me once you are married” coming true becomes the basis of dealing with partner. The seeds of distrust germinate very quickly in the fertile soil of constant reminders perceived behavior of the DIL thus some married women are never secure in their relationships.

 To raise the question if a desi son is obligated or should be to take care of mother in fast changing socio-economic demographies, is absurd. Not because women have started working outside homes in greater number or we are claiming to be in 21st century because it is a right thing to do for any child to take care of parents in the time of need. Why are some people still fixated on the idea- son as the savior? Why they have difficulty accepting help or even gifts from their daughters?

 If it were a woman who asked this question I would like to ask her if her parents needed care will she look towards her brother (what if she had none or her brother did not have the means) or would she like to seek permission from her spouse to do so. It is high time we start questioning our sensibilities about our responsibilities as children of aging parents and at the same time we have the right to challenge the forces that stand to prevent us from doing the right thing and disrupt our marital harmony. Yes, it is difficult to reason with people accustomed of centuries old customs but someone has to take the first step. Why not begin with offering to share caring for our parents along with our brothers and challenge our mothers and ourselves for ill treating or making disparaging remarks against wives of our brothers. Or are we just using these age old customs to perpetuate a dysfunctional system because we benefit from it in the form of power over other women. It is lot easier to have power over individuals subordinate in relation to us (women brought into the family) than challenge those superior in status (female conjugal kin by virtue of their relationship to the man in question) and the impersonal larger system in general.

Change begins with me.


Desi Parenting: Raising Confused Daughters

20 Jan

Desi Parenting: Raising Confused Daughters

        It is often said in Indian communities that to have good children is a result of one’s good karmas from the previous lives. Desi parents invest in their children especially sons with a hope of receiving old age care as organized state sponsored senior care is not an option. It becomes imperative for parents to keep their sons emotionally obligated to take care of old parents when the time comes. The socialization for this anticipatory duty begins early on. We all have read about the preferential treatment given to the sons in the Indian families, special foods, good education and extra liberty with money etc. Most of us have insisted it didn’t happen in my family, our parents were educated and our mothers were first generation working women. If we take a look back on our lives as children we’ll know how truthful we are being.

        The other day I was speaking to Atia and Shanu about our lives and men in our lives- our fathers, brothers and spouses. Two of us are first born and Shanu is second born to first generation educated women and men working outside the homes, who had moved to urban centers for work leaving their extended families behind. We didn’t come with manuals and our parents away from their extended family were exploring new territories of childcare practices. Three of us clearly remember how our parents claimed modernity through us by insisting we were their sons until the real sons came along.

        Our young mothers with two three children under the four years of age struggled to keep us well fed and quite while our fathers sat reading newspaper after work. Our little eyes were watching it all how our fathers’ eyes controlled the things around the home. Their families had more say in our lives and our mothers hardly visited their parents. Our mothers didn’t start working outside homes until their reproductive goals were met. Mean while we became little pseudo helpers of our mothers to help with their child care duties. We baby sat our siblings, walked them to school and even ran errands. We played field sports attended junior regional sports meets, debated in school competitions; got good grades and even joined NCC and then came puberty.

        At puberty things changed for ever our loving fathers became distant and our mothers became so much more controlling. Sit with your legs crossed, don’t talk so loud, don’t walk like a horse, help me in the kitchen, and don’t do this do that became a regular incantation in our lives. We did not feel any discrimination in food, education and medical care the discrimination we felt was so subtle that we could not even put it in words. We had to help with cooking and family laundry where as our brothers did not move a straw. When we questioned, we were told it is not because we were girls but because we were the older ones. We often retorted if we were the older ones then why do our younger brothers have to chaperon us our friends’ place. Why do you make us go to the bazaar to buy vegetables and not our brothers? Our mothers would say the boy is not aware of how to buy good vegetables. Wao! we were not born with that knowledge either, you taught us. Why can’t you teach that to your sons?

        If we gave examples from other families where boys ran errands then our mothers immediately changed their words into “we treat you like boys so that you have the confidence how to deal with the outside world.” In either way we were at loss and were always wrong because we could never win the bottom line our parents had our best interest in their hearts. More than that we resented how our parents claimed modernity and maintained tradition through our female bodies.

        We were encouraged to demand our rights from the outside world be it in schools, work place or public transports that was modernity but we were always discouraged to talk back to relatives and acquaintances because it was a tradition. The dichotomy of modernity and tradition traversed between speaking English, wearing skirts, trousers and riding bikes where as tradition always came and rested on our maintaining peace at home and to listen quietly when elders spoke. Thus for us modernity was something to be done as opposed to being told. Over time three of us claimed modernity the way we understood by marrying for love against the arranged marriages of our siblings; even though we knew in our hearts we could have done better. We thought with this feat under our belt our everyday struggles with the outside world for a place of our own have come to an end. To our surprise our struggles began now, hereon we were to deal with our confused spouses who like us claimed modernity with love marriage and now wanted to maintain their family traditions by taming us; deal with over bearing in-laws who were not only vengeful but were determined to dismantle our marriages and maintain our dignity in these tiring circumstances. Our stories are very common, many educated and employed women everyday google information on how to deal with relationships because no one taught us how to.

        It would have helped if our parents had taught us how to deal with relationships instead of indoctrinating us about tradition and modernity. Some days when Atia had had enough she blames it on her emotionally absent mother for her emotional failures. I have accused my mother’s passivity for my temper tantrums in the past, forgetting that her passivity was her survival technique in midst of her overbearing in-laws. Where as, Shanu charges her mother’s dramas for her lack of problem solving skills. Our parents have done their best given their understanding, resources and circumstances in raising highly educated, employed and confused daughters now it is up to us where we want to take our confused lives. Those gender discriminate nutrition, education and medical attention practices mentioned in the beginning never happened in our home. What happened in our homes has no name.

Facing Communication Deadlock

4 Jan

ughhh…..this is so frustrating…..why do I keep on finding myself being upset at one thing or another….next thing you know, both of us are upset and then there is no talking for the day. I feel as if I don’t remember what bliss is, or what happiness means. Why do I keep on finding myself in this rut?? I try to be patient, I try to put myself in other people’s shoes to see how they may be looking at an issue, and yet over and over again, I keep on finding myself at the place I began…and still feeling lost. I wish life weren’t so miserable.


“You don’t understand me.”

“We have nothing to talk about.”

“I try talking to him and he just shuts me out. How can I make him talk?”

“This conversation is over.”

Anyone could sense there is a communication problem here and most common suggestion is keep the communication channels open, don’t be judgmental and accusatory, have patience on and on… We all have tried communicating with our partners or dear ones and have felt at some point or another the communication is not going through and we are stuck in a rut.

If you are experiencing similar issues please read Let’s Talk: Communication Deadlock for more information and solutions.

A Desi Girl's Guide to Relationship Survival

Own your relationships. Don't let them own you.

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****आयुर्वेद : आयुष**** ई०टी०जी० आयुर्वेदास्कैन ****AYURVEDA : E.T.G. AyurvedaScan **** ****आयुष आविष्कार**** ई० एच० जी० ****होम्योपैथीस्कैन **** E.H.G. Homoeopathy Scan

AYUSH means A.Y.U.S.H. य़ानी Ayurveda + Yoga & Nature Cure + Unani +Sidhdha + Homoeopathy ; आयुष पान्च चिकित्सा विधियो को मिलाकर एक टर्म बना दिया गया है , जिसका मतलब [१] A word से आयुर्वेद [२] Y word से योग और प्राकृतिक चिकित्सा [३] U word से यूनानी चिकित्सा [४] S word से सिध्ध चिकित्सा [५] H word से होम्योपैथी चिकित्सा ; आयुर्वेद के अलावा भारत में आविष्कार की गयी और भारत सरकार द्वारा परीक्षित की जा चुकी मान्यता प्राप्त विश्व की पहली और अकेली आयुर्वेद की शत-प्रतिशत पूर्णतया स्वदेशी तकनीक "इलेक्ट्रो त्रिदोष ग्राफी : ई०टी०जी० आयुर्वेदास्कैन " , जिसका आविष्कार जून, १९८६ में कानपुर शहर, उत्तर प्रदेश, भारत के आयुष चिकित्सा वैग्यानिक डा० देश बन्धु बाजपेयी - मोबाइल: 09336238994 - e.mail : drdbbajpai@gmail.com द्वारा किया गया और जिसका लगातार विकास कार्य जारी है / E.T.G.A.S. तकनीक द्वारा (1) आयुर्वेद के मौलिक सिध्धान्तों का स्टेटस क्वान्टीफाई करने और इसी तकनीक द्वारा (2) शरीर के सभी अन्गों और प्रत्यन्गॊ में व्याप्त समस्त रोगों के निदान ग्यान की वैग्यानिक aproach की जानकारी कराने और सबसे नवीन दूसरी आविष्कार की गयी निदान और रोग ग्यान तक्नीक आयुर्वेदा थर्मों ग्राफी ; आयुर्वेदा ऊष्मा-स्कैन ; आयुर्वेदा थेर्मल मैपिन्ग एवम स्कैनिन्ग के अलावा आयुर्वेद की अन्य की गयी खोजों में तीसरी खोज ”आयुर्वेद हीमो-मीटर मशीन” द्वारा रोगी के रक्त का परीक्षण करके आयुर्वेद के सिध्ध्न्तों का मूल्यान्कन तथा चौथी खोज रोगी के पेशाब / मूत्र का ”आयुर्वेद यूरीनो-मीटर” द्वारा परीक्षण करके आयुर्वेद के सिध्धान्तो की उपस्तिथि के अलावा मूत्र के अन्दर पाये जाने वाले पदार्थों का विष्लेषण करके रोग निदान की विधियों की खोज रिसर्च सेन्टर द्वारा कर ली गयी है और रोगियों के लिये उपलब्ध करा दी गयी है ...आयुष AYUSH चिकित्सा विधियों के बारे में विश्वसनीय और सटीक और अचूक और सही जानकारी और शोध पूर्ण और शोध युक्त ग्यान बोध कराने वाला द्विभाषीय चिठ्ठा ...................................Ayurveda and AYUSH Therapies including Chines Accupunctur, Magnet Therapy,Physiotherapy etc and with this in June, 1986, invented by KANPUR, Uttar Pradesh State, INDIA based AYUSH Medical Scientist Dr. Desh Bandhu Bajpai - Mobile : 09336238994 - e.mail: drdbbajpai@gmail.com , completely indeginous AYURVEDA SCANNING Technology - "Electro Tridosha Graphy ; E.T.G.AyurvedaScan " system, EXAMINED & APPROVED BY GOVERNMENT OF INDIA , by which (a) status of Ayurvedic Fundamentals are quantified and (b) examinaton of whole body for diagnosis of presence of anomalies and ailments , Second scanning system of Ayurveda Discovered and Invented by Dr. D.B.Bajpai ; Ayurveda Thermal Mapping and Scanning , Other research in Ayurveda is Third one which analysis Blood by AYURVEDA HEAMO-METER devise and Fourth one is AYURVEDA URINO-METER for analysing the contents of urine and status quantification of Ayurveda Principles and is avalable for patient in our research center...... provides information about Research and Developments technology provider , authenticated subject material publisher, Bilingual Hindi and English informer Blog


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Own your relationships. Don't let them own you.