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It Feels Good to Know DG Made a Difference

4 Jul

It Feels Good to Know DG Made a Difference


It’s been almost two and half years since GGTS came into existence. Until now it has received 176,313 hits while DG is typing this post. Sadly GGTS could not even make to 1500 comments in this whole time.  Numerous reader find a confidant in her thus write personal emails sharing their deep secrets few write comments too. DG is aware more men subscribe to GGTS where as more comment and email writers are women. It is assumed GGTS is women’s space forgetting that her signature reads “A Desi Girl’s Guide to Relationship Survival,” thus any reader can use it if they wish to.

Since its inception GGTS has dealt with almost most issues of desi relationships in the form of posts and comments. There is even a joke in circulation within close group of readers that DG has a link for everything. DG is on No RESCUE mission her aim is to break the isolation and provide research based best practices to her readers to learn new skills to deal with their relationship issues. There are situations where she provides individual support to a person depending upon their need and seriousness of the issue. Rarely do people come back to say thanks and publicly acknowledge like this reader.

Please do not expect DG to spoon feed you like this comment writer who had no patience to even write a proper comment. DG is no mind reader and will not go on a RESCUE mission. Just remember no one can help you unless you want to help yourself. Just ask yourself why should they help you in the first place? Read around browse GGTS read through the comments you’ll find an answer, all tools are on the side bar on to the right in separate pages. Personalized support to identify problem areas, set realistic goals and learn new skills to resolve them is hereafter nominally charged to keep this space safe and free for all find her email id within the comments and write to her if you fail to find answer on GGTS.

GGTS is DG’s personal blog it is not a forum where other readers pitch in. Each comment is dealt with as sensitively as possible. DG is human. Join DG on FB.

Seldom men write to her about their issues and one such person had lots of courage to publicly acknowledge how he sought DG’s professional help and benefited.

It’s been a sweet and sour journey but is worth it.

From: Haresh Patel

Hi DG,

They say there are things which cannot be measured by any parameters. Your pieces of advice are some of them 🙂

I am amazed at the level of maturity your posts show. I’m glad to see how your posts – and your pieces of advice/counselling – help break complex/difficult-looking problems into smaller bits that can be acknowledged and worked upon.

When I first emailed you, I didn’t know that your advice would prove to be so helpful. It’s your ability to read problems, to analyze root-causes of problems, to understand psychology and to generate trust that make your counselling so effective.

I am glad that I came across with someone so understanding and sensitive yet so disciplined. I never hesitated in sharing with you all the issues that I had been dealing with.

Our exchanges of mails and your personalized advice were all that changed everything. You helped me realize what the real problems were. You helped me realize how the problems were actually different than those I had thought (or rather, imagined). You showed how my approach in dealing with my problems was more likely to do more harm than good as you could analyze the real simple causes of an apparent complex set of problems.

I was trying, though not hard enough, to come out of the mess I was in. But, after your counselling, I realized that all my efforts weren’t in the direction I should. I needed to change my perspective of looking at things, at issues, at people, and above all, at myself.

It wasn’t that no one had ever suggested me any steps. But, it was your level of expertise in counselling and my belief in the same which ensured that I tried to follow your suggestions. I’m glad that I’ve been able to solved issues that I’d been dealing with since long. I’m glad that I know myself better now.

I’ve absolutely loved all the posts of yours that I’ve read and I now know that it’s not impossible to come out of mental/psychological problems that we sometimes find to hard to come out of. If you start understanding the problems, realizing them, accepting them and sincerely try to come out of the same, you’ll be amazed to see how fast you can recover.

Thanks DG for being there. I’m happy that I came in touch with you. I know what your counselling meant to me. I’ll always be obliged to you for the same 🙂

Haresh Patel

A Desi Girl's Guide to Relationship Survival

Own your relationships. Don't let them own you.

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Own your relationships. Don't let them own you.


Own your relationships. Don't let them own you.