We who tasted the freedom of thought

We who tasted the freedom of thought…

This prose was started on 06/20/2012 added on to on 06/21/2012 and 07/02/2012 and the last sentence, “Our pauses, longer…” is added today. When it was first paragraph was posted on the Facebook it was garbed instantly even before DG could read it properly, it wasn’t flattering but a feeling of vulnerability clouded DG.

We who have tasted the forbidden fruit called freedom of thought will never live in peace ever again. We’ll be tormented by our quest to know all or nothing. We who have tasted freedom of thought will never be at ease in the company of mortals for mortals can only do as much for us. We who tasted the freedom of thought play mind games, we touch and feel thoughts we are mortals yet we died long back to attain our salvation in the verses. Our souls devour words and our bodies famished of human touch we who tasted the freedom of thought crave company and in company, we seek out solitude. We create and recreate ourselves by finding another “me,” our muse,  with our exact tastes, passions and quirks in another gender, name, age, time and space yet it doesn’t work because our souls we know it is our bodies that fail us.

We who tasted the freedom of thought are programmed to outsmart ourselves by never leaving our minds we cross the spatial boundaries thus oblivious to the limits of human bodies. Defeated are we when the reality of desire and needs hit home that thoughts can only do as much. We who tasted the freedom of thought set the bar of our needs so low; there after all we need and want is our solitude to rejoice in our mind games. In evading desire we who tasted the freedom of thought recoil into the solitude of our minds for we are too timid to consign emotional investments in tangibles and give them power over us. A moment of carnal insanity could ruin our well perfected game that we win every time. We who have tasted the freedom of thought live in our minds and keep few rent free in there because to live with them will break the enigma and shatter our long nurtured dream.

We who tasted the freedom of thought create Eden in our heads and then get thrown out to burn in the hell of our making. Strange is our creed we quench our thirst with fire and fire we put out with more fire…

Our pauses, longer than the miles between us; our silence, louder than all that spoken between us we who tasted the freedom of thought rise from the ashes of the day gone by to repose a moment in the shadows of a forbidden love that never was when the whole world lay asleep…

We who have tasted the freedom of thought are doomed to be there yet absent. May be ignorance is bliss; hail the pigs who make merry in shit.

3 Responses to “We who tasted the freedom of thought”

  1. Pranesh Nagri July 8, 2012 at p07 #

    Some one told me once that the sun and the moon will be there on the skies till I am alive. I said how can that be? They will be there even after your death. He said let them be , does that make a difference, shall I be alive again. How true?
    Nothing works at any other level but the head. We create and we destroy. What really matters to me is the fact that we take too long to accept and say yes I love and I want to live and we take just one minute to say that I hate. It is unfortunate that we the humans feel insecured to love and feel perfect to hate.
    Yeah everything is at head level.


    • girlsguidetosurvival May 11, 2015 at p05 #

      One cannot hate without being in love. To hate means to be invested in what you hate. Can we love in bits and pieces or in entirety? Love my thoughts that come from my head or heart for it nourishes my soul or my body that contains my head, heart and soul?


  2. Huzaifa Pandit July 8, 2012 at p07 #

    Reminiscences of the gazelle eyed, Colloquies of the jasmine-visaged
    Prowess of my willful transition: wintery prison nook to spring dyed!

    as i read your reflection DG i was inevitably reminded of the Faiz couplet!! the metamorphosis of the human emotion into a continuous never ending quest is a remarkable one and an extremely rare one at that!! As you rightly pointed out that it occurs only in those people who have tasted the freedom of thought and reason!! it is a state chiseled by solitude into the plane of time to ever remain permanent and embedded firmly!! yet a price must be paid for this permanence!!

    The price is one that the piper and lover of Keats’ ode to a Grecian urn!! their melodies and love will remain luscious forever yet they must abstain from fulfillment!! The price is a heavy one indeed yet the mortal is prepared for it since it transports him to the plane of immortality as he lives in niches carved out in hearts, in the sighs that they entice which resound across the universe combining with the energy of the world to produce a delightful concoction of love and delight brewed in pain and longing!!

    It is a state of dull agony but if the heart finds pleasure in such agony what is one to do except bear silently? Ignorance is bliss in this context but greater is our bliss for we have transcended into a state where we are ta harmony with the alchemists of universe and have transformed our base desires into pure glittering golden emotions that will always remind posterity of us through the words we leave in other’s mouths 🙂

    Dude, you took it to whole another level. That is a whole new dimension to DG’s basal idea. DG was just referring to how living in one’s own head is safe bet than being out there and facing the rejections especially from those we create as our muses.


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Own your relationships. Don't let them own you.


Own your relationships. Don't let them own you.

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