Aging and Visual Assault on a Muggy Night

Aging and Visual Assault on a Muggy Night


It is 00:00hrs, just back from the pool. It was a really muggy day and the air-con failed to amuse us MsC suggested we check into a hotel. She’ll go and check in and DG will join her anytime after 5:30pm. At 5:30 DG woke up from her slumber to launder her whites that lead to 7pm then came cooking and then she realized her daily rant was due. By the time she stepped out of home it was 10pm. Who cares, she wasn’t headed for amusement but for a sleep over.

When you are not carded at a bar or casino it is official you are “old.” Why did it matter sooner or later it was to happen. In the elevator she noticed little grey on her temple. Oh my, did this lead to her not being carded. May be it was the fatigue or maybe it was the way she was dressed , like a construction worker whatever now it was official she is old. Now another thing to worry about awaits her, what should she do with the emerging grey?  It’s been more than a decade or even more since few of her friends have been coloring their hair she will be the last to follow the suit if she did. Lately she has been obsessed with the idea of growing old gracefully. Going to gym, eating healthy and acting age appropriate is pretty hard work and dilemma still remains how to age gracefully. What will her aging process be? Will she be into that midlife crisis phase (though it is a decade away but it pays to worry now) where you chase the youth, dress up ten years younger to your age and buy new toys (clothes and jewels for women and cars for men)?

Made it the room thinking all this while unpacking realized who in their right mind goes for a sleep over without a tooth brush and sleepwear but dinner, snack, green smoothie, ginger milk and breakfast? Of course DG who else? Thanks for the concierge that you can get everything at any hour. We rushed to the Jacuzzi before the gym closed and bore another visual assault. All people in there were sixty plus with exception to DG and a young couple. The sagging skins and pregnant men was not something she had envisioned for her time in the pool. MsC who is sixty nine and funny as they come could not stop her laughing fit. For she saw this walrus floating on tubies in the adjacent pool while his lady tried to keep him company.  Her laughing fit really scared DG because she had left her inhaler in the room.

Yes, all bodies are lovely is fine in theory but the fact is if it is costing tax payers’ money to keep these bodies going then they don’t seem very lovely. They have these modesty taboos for women even when they may not have breasts (little girls in two piece swimwear and those undergone double mastectomies). Even large women try to cover themselves up with moo moos why are men an exception, even when they have man boobs and pregnant bellies just because they have external plumbing? Has anybody ever thought flashing too much male flesh can be a visual assault on some?

Mission sleepover

Mission sleepover


4 Responses to “Aging and Visual Assault on a Muggy Night”

  1. Haresh Patel July 4, 2012 at p07 #

    Visual assault ?!

    That’s a good discovery you’ve found 😛

    It was refreshing to see how DG’s days pass by 🙂

    @Haresh Patel,

    Now you know DG is just another person on the street with average emotions. 🙂
    Just she analyze things little too much.


  2. anjugandhi July 4, 2012 at p07 #

    the best part is the external plumbing one. i just cant stop laughing
    the men think that they are a privileged lot
    pregnant tummies, sagging boobs so what they are men, and they still want and oogle at any girl./women and best part is they want their women to be 36-26-36.


    You have no idea what a torture it is to sit in jacuzzi with bunch of walruses. All their women were not 36-26-36 but were less than them in size. It was utter torture and on top of it MsC laughing her life out.
    We should initiate a campaign BRAS FOR MOOBS. Seriously. If they look like boobs and pregnant bellies then same modesty rules should apply that apply to women in similar condition.


  3. yayaver July 4, 2012 at p07 #

    too much male flesh can be a visual assault on some…… that was completely new type of violence 😛


    It is not a new type of violence it is called male privilege and nobody especially women don’t talk about it due to modesty taboos and why would men talk about if it is their privilege.
    It is high time we have same modesty rules for men if they have boobs and pregnant bellies.


  4. Huzaifa Pandit July 4, 2012 at p07 #

    ROFL!! You made me laugh seriously hard DG 🙂 it is a poignant question and i guess one must ponder over it for a long time before answering it!! perhaps it is another embodiment of the male chauvinism that has pervaded this world since long 🙂

    @Huzaifa Pandit,

    Glad you had a good laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. Now go and share this laughter with others. Be happy you were not visually assaulted. 🙂


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