In DG’s Less Than Perfect World

24 Mar

In DG’s Less Than Perfect World



Yes, it is just three months and twenty three days late, did you forget about “better late than never.” Hope some of you are still continuing with your new year resolutions. DG didn’t make one, she gave up few years ago on resolutions because the pixels don’t match her drive just as the fish don’t ride the bikes. This post is not new it was penned few months ago when in a week three people told her they wanted a “life like yours” but did not make it here because other posts made it. So now why is it resurfacing? It is resurfacing because three more people within a week have wished for “a life like hers.”

DG finds a strange affinity with GGTS readers, some communicate through comments, some via private emails and yet few others ping her on gtalk or facebook. Many are curious to know what DG’s life is like. Then there are desi strangers beyond the virtual world who want to know about her every day living because they are in face to face situation they feel at liberty to ask many direct personal questions. Yes, her age is showing she is 30+ just few years shy of jumping the box. Usual conversation begins with “If she is married?” She answers, no she is single. Then the next question is she never got married or what? She wants to scream not your business be happy with the information you are given. She is neither interested in lives of inquisitive strangers  nor curious please leave her life alone let’s talk about politics and whatever… She’ll accept any and all information you give her about yourself without batting an eyelid. It is interesting in a minute these people commend DG for her life style and the very next minute they are envious, then pitiful followed by selling marriage to her. It is amazing how one person can entice so many emotions in others.

DG is pretty private person yet she shares a lot about herself and her experiences to break the isolation many desi women may be experiencing in their lives across the globe. DG’s world may seem perfect but the truth is it is pretty imperfect and less than exciting but it is her world and she loves it to pieces. There are good days and there are not so good days then there are days that cannot be defined. The everyday living she took for granted until two years ago is no longer the case. The routine she followed all her life as if on auto pilot no longer seems familiar, it often seems stranger than fiction.

An ordinary day begins with getting out of bed. Yes, it is for everyone but for DG it is important for DG because waking up at a decent hour and without pain is a biggie. There after day begins by the book and the buzzer. Yes, she has to use timer for ordinary things like bed, bath, breakfast, lunch and so on. She eats same breakfast day after day with exception to Sunday when IK takes her to Gurudwara for early morning meditation. Those people are good they not only feed you but give you take along bags too; as DG cannot be trusted around food she tries hard not to bring home any doggie bag. She loves see food; she sees food she eats food. She is a life member of overeater’s anonymous.

DG's Breakfast

DG's Breakfast ready to eat

DG's Breakfast ready to eat

DG’s Breakfast

Due to her love for food and compulsion to eat she cooks once or twice a month and freezes portion sizes for reheating as needed but mostly survives on fruits, smoothies and saute veggies. It is not that she cannot cook she is prefers path of least resistance and labor.  Also it is safe because on numerous occasions she has managed to burn rice in rice cooker. She believes all behaviors are learned behaviors so all tastes are acquired tastes. According to her all cultures have special formula to destroy nutrition thus she prefers her food with bit of nutrition, raw, blanched or steamed is better for her. She is a one pot cooking person; less is better it is easier to clean after and most of all it is easier for her to manage on a difficult day. The fact is one pot cooking is easier to manage than multi step multi pot cooking for her.

DG's Dinner

DG's Dinner in making

DG's Dinner in making II

DG's Dinner in making II

DG's Yummy Lunch

DG's Yummy Lunch

DG's Favorite Saute Zuccini

DG's Favorite Saute Zuccini

DG's Lunch Ready to Eat

DG's Lunch Ready to Eat

It takes an expert to burn rice in rice cooker

It takes an expert to burn rice in rice cooker

A stitch in time saves nine is her motto. Everything in her world has an ascribed place, whatever you pick up from where ever kindly put it back in the same space and in same order. It not only keeps the place looking clean and organized but keeps the dust in order too. Also, it helps DG navigate on auto pilot or according to the picture (none of the pictures in this post are taken for GGTS, these are part of her cooking protocol).

Her clothes are placed in order of colors and in sets so she doesn’t have to think twice; to save the trouble most are white, anything and everything goes with one another.

With the help of her alarm clock and timer she is able to work through the list of chores she is supposed to do every day. Her talking timer tells her to get herself to gym or else she’ll be comfortable in her pajamas for days in row (it is a possibility when you work from home). Thrice a week she drags herself to gym; workout comes second to doing a crossword puzzle in the sauna. She may forget the traffic signals when crossing the road but she definitely remembers clues to the puzzles, now that is called a blessing.

Faith, family and friends are the constants and pillars of her life. Rest everything and everyone is welcome but will have to earn a place for themselves. GGTS has afforded her some very good friends who watch out for her even if it is virtually. She can count her friends on her finger tips and they do the best they can for her. Her in person interactions are very limited, thanks to technology she can lay on her couch and make her world go round. And for those who walked away she did not stop a single one of them because she believed they were there for a reason…

Yes, BFF dude DG will go on at least one date in 2012. Happy? She is making a public announcement. Sardar, now you know bahanji’s life is not for every one. It is hers and it works for her. Kid you have to make your own, there is no manual on how to live life it is live and learn but also learn from others’ mistakes you don’t have to make all the mistakes. You’ll have to get out there and take risks or else how will you know what could have been…  What ever you decide DG will support you but just be safe.

Her social filters are broken thus she has no qualms of calling out anyone on anything. That is not a very good thing but it works for her because she has the protection of creator.Yes, she rarely gets upset or loses her cool but when she does she means it. She dislikes inveterate complainants and few months ago she cursed one that they lived complaining and will die complaining. IK has been on DG’s case to take her words back but she is adamant because words once said cannot be taken back and when she said it she meant it.

Did she spoil her karma with this person? May be. How will she resolve it? As of now she has no plan when she is in that frame of mind she’ll think about it for now she’ll not fret about it; one task at a time. Yes, DG is just another person with same needs and wants she just knows the difference and she is best described in the words of Seemab Akbarabadi

5 Responses to “In DG’s Less Than Perfect World”

  1. anne June 21, 2012 at p06 #

    Yum! Am i invited for lunch ? I have burned rice in rice cooker..(Cringe)


  2. ariana March 28, 2012 at p03 #

    What a nice insight into your life DG!. Way to go, you do eat healthy, something I have been “trying” to do for the past 7 years. 🙂
    Have fun on that date when you do go on one. you are in a good place, and thats whats most important. the cyber world is a crazy world and I understand your need for privacy and safety.


    Hey, welcome back to GGTS.
    Sorry did not get to respond to your email been engaged in things beyond control. But was glad to know things are going great for you. Love, to your little guy.
    Now about the date, it was to get him off my back. 🙂
    If anyone wants to send DG on a date will have to fix it. There is a reason she called lazy DG. 🙂

    Please share this message of hope with anyone who may benefit.
    Desi Girl


  3. Prolifique March 26, 2012 at p03 #

    Deeeee Geeeeeee – good to have you back! Wonderful pics of your health food. Glad to see you taking such good care of yourself.
    Nosy people are funny, I laugh at them. Quietly of course, they don’t know it but I derive much amusement from their bad manners and their sympathy – which I don’t need.
    Marriage, relationships, divorce – these are huge words – for some people those words mean happiness and for someone else the very same word may spell sadness. It lies in your perspective – that’s all. Finally its the simple things that give one pleasure – the freshness of the celery you have just chopped, the smell of freshly cooked masoor dal and maybe even the rice burnt in the rice cooker that is rather funny and not at all sad. You should see how many of my cooking pots are burnt black because I put the food on to boil and start writing, forgetting time and place till the fumes of seared rice/chicken/dal fill the flat. Yes – join the gang of busy food burners.
    These are the things that make me happy – bird song, flower fragrance, a breeze, a joke from a friend, a good blog post, a good workout. I don’t know about life, or relationships, or marriage – I don’t know if they make me happy or sad, or both. But my cat’s purring, music, the friendly wag of a dog’s tail as I walk past, the subzi wallah’s cheerful face – these make my day.
    Love and light

    Welcome back.
    DG is glad you are having fun in safe environment.
    The idea of post was not to fret about nosy people it was more for all those who keep saying they want a
    “life like DG’s” without knowing her life is equally screwed as theirs the only difference is they do not see it. Relative deprivation is a mental construct based on fallacies that the other person has it better. Where as the truth is you do not know their mess all you see is a showman ship.
    Life is a beautiful blessing. Good thing is DG didn’t have to die to go to heaven. This is her heaven even if it is bit broken and crooked.
    Please share this message of hope with anyone who may benefit.
    Desi Girl


  4. Pranesh March 24, 2012 at p03 #

    Those are pictures of great and healthier food.I dont really know why people can not live in the present, the real present. what is in the name or the marital status or any thing else. The issue is are we human beings and do we understand each other as good human beings.Life is beautiful, it needs to be celebrated.
    Live it and living it according to ones choice is ones right.
    Have a blessed time.


    Welcome back.
    How come you do not know why people can not live in the present and the real world?
    Coz’ present is daunting and unfamiliar past even if it was rotten now seems golden 🙂 .

    What is in the name or the marital status or any thing else?
    Name and marital status or any status identification is everything. Poking nose into others’ business is so much easier than managing one’s own rotten mess.

    Definitely agree, Life is beautiful, it needs to be celebrated.
    Keep sending kindness and good wishes and DG will have blessed time.
    Thanks for returning to GGTS.
    Desi Girl


  5. Indian Homemaker March 24, 2012 at p03 #

    No harm in taking back those words!! Sometimes people complain because that’s all they can do – they really see no other option. Take a break DG if you can come to Gurgaon and be my guest – would love to meet you and we will argue (generally agree actually) about all sort of stuff. Love the food you eat, no doubt it is healthier, but I need to eat regular roti-dal-sabzi everyday, twice a day 🙂 🙂
    And I really mean it, it would be so awesome to actually meet you!

    Hey there.
    No this person was I guess born complaining, she had problem with everything if the sun was in east she had problem if it was in west she had problem. I had never seen her being appreciative of anything you did. And when I said those words I recall my demeanor and gait was really furious. I was disappointed with myself so you can imagine how it tried my patience.
    Yeah, I am on a long break once my team puts me together as new I’ll come home to meet you all. I too love masoor ki daal and phulka with hari mirch. Ping me when you are online we’ll talk.
    Desi Girl


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