Desi Girl’s Karma Connection

22 Oct


Thank you all for supporting GGTS and encouraging Desi Girl to continue blogging. Thanks to those of you who emailed to check if she was dead or alive. Yes, people good old DG is still alive, kicking and gaining weight. She is around and vegetating. Why? Just for the sake of fun. She is playing this game where she counts the blog visits that GGTS receives without her writing another post. How lame? Yes indeed it is. What else do you think a 30 something, single desi asocial female will do? Guess, she can do pretty much anything she wants if she is not in the des. As you all know DG’s love of eating, reading and being with herself to resolve her karma in this life time she has taken up a job of pet sitting her room mate’s pet.

Yes, DG is officially a pet sitter now. She is qualified for the job. She has ample of experience, she is bitten by every animal on her grandparents’ farm; cow, buffalo, horse, dog, cats, rabbits, roosters, parakeets, deer, squirrels, bees, wasps, fish, and she is fluent in animal languages (yeah, every animal she had a contact with started responding to Hindi, Punjabi and Bengali). Since her Preeti left for stars she has been avoiding attachment to all pets. She is a staunch believer she and her folks had some strong karma with Preeti that brought them together. Those were the best days in her life and he was her best pal.


It all started with a favor over the weekend and then escalated to a week long event. Her room mate had to go out of town and she requested helping around with her pet. DG found another golden opportunity to resolve her karma with this 10lb Apso. Before that let her explain you how qualified she is. Last year it was another room mate’s cat that she had to tend for a week. The cat was 16, partially blind and deaf and bouncing in things at night. All DG had to do was fill her food and water bowl and clean the litter box. Wao, good old DG will scoop poop for resolving karma… On the first night the cat came into her bedroom and started meowing on top of her lungs. So she closed the door, now cat sat outside and howled her lungs out. All night DG turned tossed and next morning she called her white momma to ask to how to deal with it. Momma is a pretty pragmatic and kind person (yeah, she cared for DG when she was homeless and broken into pieces). She suggested squirting water on cat’s face when ever she meowed at night. HA HA… DG had no balls to do that and she out rightly refused cause she was so scared of spoiling her karma with the blind cat. Some desi women deal with mean comments howling MILs all their lives so why can’t DG deal with a cat that is meowing something she can’t even understand. Six sleep nights and karma resolved for life times to come…

Few days latter family had to go on an emergency visit to see grandma and DG had to baby sit her sister’s choco lab (he was training to become a service dog). First day was ok but by evening she was exhausted. When Momma called to check in DG was in tears. “Momma, I am so tired of keeping him entertained. He looks at my face as if asking me what next?” She suggested keep doing what you are doing and don’t look at him that often. Easier said than done, she won’t look at him but his piercing eyes are fixated on her face. Oh my, what will happen to her karma with him if she ignored him? Come day three the choco lab is in DG’s bed and DG is singing him lullabies.

Poopoo making mess

Poopoo making mess

Poopoo making mess

So this time the story had to change. She would not let this 10lb thing regulate her life. He is not very fond of DG, he has bitten her without provocation on one occasion. May be some past karma… IK has her own cosmic explanation for it, unresolved childhood trauma… He has already cried a lot, the corners of his eyes are discolored with tears. He is fixated to the door and whining for his mommy. DG has taken him out for walks, he has refused to poop. He is thirsty every few minutes (haven’t seen a dog that would drink so much water). His mom is a hair dresser last week she gave him a hair cut. It has started raining again so now he is freezing. DG managed to put on a hoodie on him (he has many fancy outfits), he has not bitten her. So that is a blessing. He is a chick magnate, no good for DG. At night he refuses to come upstairs. She has to lift him and bring him up. He sits outside her bedroom pouts and cries. Come second day she left the door ajar and asked him to come in if he wishes to. Now he sneaks in after midnight and jumps on to her bed. Come morning in the day break he treats her like a stranger (no different than a desi man who treats his wife like a stranger in front of his parents and then asks for sex when in the privacy of the bedroom). This last analogy is taken from a private email DG received from a young woman dealing with a mommy pecked desi husband.

So, this is DG’s pet karma connection and this is what she has been up to in last few weeks…

Poopoo posing for picture

Poopoo posing for picture

Poopoo posing for picture

7 Responses to “Desi Girl’s Karma Connection”

  1. Bhavia October 25, 2010 at p10 #

    cute cute 🙂


  2. fakeindianbbahu October 23, 2010 at p10 #

    Cute one having fun…


  3. Bikram October 23, 2010 at p10 #

    I guess he is having fun ….
    Bikram’s Blog


  4. preeti October 23, 2010 at p10 #

    loved the post …I love pets ..wish i have you near my house so that i can have one 😛

    i have a pet fish ,,rambo ,,he is naughty and an attention seeker and sleeping silently like a good baby rt now …:):)

    i miss gabar singh (boxer) from collge days ..he was the kid of the family..

    DG : been away from blogs for some time ..will talk to you tonight if you are available online ..need a heart to heart talk ..miss you ..:)


  5. Indian Homemaker October 23, 2010 at p10 #

    Adorable pets.

    And you could try TwentyTen theme – neat, easy on the eye and it has lots of option – plenty of widget space, in the footer space too.

    Vigilance is also a very neat theme. Once again, this one is also easy to read.

    In both you can either choose one of the header pictures or add your own.


  6. Milky Chai October 22, 2010 at p10 #

    Oh, my DH spoke to PIMIL on the phone today and she says if our daughter and I go to the wedding that she and her husband will not be attending. That a sick uncle will die if we show up, that the bride called her crying, begging her to please come, that if we show up it will ruin her neice’s wedding….
    I’m so done with this drama DG. We are supposed to fly out Tuesday. DH thinks she’s bluffing and that we should go. I think we should cancel the tickets and be done with this drama once and for all. Maybe move to another state, get an unlisted # and hopefully have some peace????

    Correct me if I am wrong, I thought the bride spoke to you and invited you. If so then you should definitely go. No one can control life and death, one who has to be born will be and who ever chooses to die voluntarily or is called by the almighty will do so.
    I would suggest go, if PIMIL creates a scene just play desi card and start hyper ventilating and panting and start with dialogues like oh my, my heart is sinking, something is happening to me. Oh my, I am going down… etc… Aim is to draw all attention to you and leave the scene… You are pregnant and you can pull this off 🙂 .

    By the way it is DH’s calling he has to make a final choice. This time it should be end all…

    Desi Girl


  7. Milky Chai October 22, 2010 at p10 #

    Hahahaha! I love your sense of humor DG! Glad to hear you are doing well. This little fella in the picture is pretty cute. Funny, as I was reading this I kept thinking to myself “that dog wants to be in the bed!”. We have a little Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, and she slept in the bed with me for years b/f DH and I got married. Now she has her own little doggie bed next to ours 😉 Good luck!

    This little guy doesn’t get to crawl into his mommy’s bed coz’ she won’t let him and the bed is too high for him. My bed is lower and I melt easily looking at his sad face and those big teary eyes. 🙂
    IK has been poking fun at me and my karma obsession…
    What is the scene at the wedding and meeting PIMIL? 🙂


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