Happy Independence Day: Are We Really Free

14 Aug

Dear Readers,


Desi Girl’s definition of independence/freedom is same as Tagore said…


Where The Mind is Without Fear 

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

Where knowledge is free

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments

By narrow domestic walls

Where words come out from the depth of truth

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way

Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit

Where the mind is led forward by thee

Into ever-widening thought and action

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake

                                                                                      -Rabindernath Tagore

Some of the videos are very graphic viewer discretion is adviced. Desi Girl is very purturbed and is in tears but she feels it is her responsibility to bring this to her readers.

What does freedom mean for each of us? Desi Girl congratulated a twenty something on the occasion of 63rd Independence Day of our nation and he voiced his disillusion saying it had no relevance to him as this freedom is not shared by all. And yet another one expressed similar views that emanated from me and mine. She kept wondering if we are really free or only few are free to oppress othersAre women free  are children safe in a free country or their bodies are still a play ground of exhibiting masculinity. Or we have acquired a new master called consumerism; for few extra bucks to buy a designer wear or cigarettes some young men and women are willing to sell their future…

Do our youngsters even know how much blood and sweat has gone into the freedom that we have today. For her it will always remain relevant, her father’s youth served her nation, her mother supported her father in his service. Her family friends who returned home in body bags from Kargil, her widowed friends and their kids all make it relevant for her… Her survivor’s guilt… The bonds of friendship that lasted against all odds… make it relevant for her…

She sits thousands of miles away listening to and singing all her favorite songs that she learned in middle school. She plans to go to the river at midnight to sing the National Anthem all by herself under the starry skies, in the hopes some day our minds will be free… She is a diehard romantic and optimist… some day humanity will break free from the stereotypes it has created and chained itself to. Until then… she’ll keep striving for a mind free of barriers for all…


Desi Girl

PS: It is raining so could not go to the river but stood on the deck in the drizzle and sang the National Anthem, had tears rolling my eyes… Some day will sing it standing in the home land

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8 Responses to “Happy Independence Day: Are We Really Free”

  1. Shail Raghuvanshi August 26, 2010 at p08 #

    Hi V,

    Whenever you are going to your homeland let me know. Wherever you are I shall join you in saluting our motherland – India.
    A relevant post, the young need to understand and value the importance of true freedom.

    Feel Free Always.


  2. Shrinath Vashishtha August 23, 2010 at p08 #

    Bang on! Thanks for sharing the great thoughts of the icon Gurudev! And thanks for your scintillating comment on my blog post about the hapless situation of the Jarawas, too! Appreciate the degree of compassion that you harbour in your heart for your fellow citizens. God bless! 🙂

    Shrinath Vashishtha,

    Welcome to GGTS, a safe space.
    Your kind with your words. 🙂
    Would like to post link to your post on Jarawas of Andman on GGTS facebook page, though not many people hit on it 🙂 .

    Please share this message of hope with anyone who may benefit.

    Desi Girl


    • Shrinath Vashishtha August 26, 2010 at p08 #

      Please, do go ahead and post it on your page! It would surely help spread the much-needed word around about the significant tribe in jeopardy. Thanks again! God bless!


  3. Bikram August 23, 2010 at p08 #

    GOD WILLING ONE day .. One day i too would like to be in my home town singing that …


  4. अफ़लातून August 23, 2010 at p08 #

    गुरुदेव रवीन्द्रनाथ ठाकुर इस प्रसिद्ध कविता के रचयिता हैं,उनका नाम भी यहां दर्ज रहे । अच्छी पोस्ट।


    Welcome to GGTS, a safe space.
    Desi Girl did mention of Gurudev’s last name before she typed the poem. But your suggestion is very valuable and incorportated.

    Please share the message of hope with anyone who may benefit.

    Desi Girl


  5. preetidutta August 15, 2010 at p08 #

    these have been my fav lines depicting freedom in true sense ..when mind and thoughts are free , where u are treated as equals … Happy independence day DG..

    we have lot to achieve and if each of us who is aware of whats missing can do their part we will achieve true independence soon.


    Thank you. I guess they way desi psyche is tied to the approval of Log (faceless strangers) and controling each other’s lives true freedom is yet to come…


  6. Bhagwad Jal Park August 15, 2010 at p08 #

    Like you, I’m an optimist as well. It’ll take time, but we’ll get there. But to have the strength, we must remember how far we’ve really come and why we’re special. Only by looking at that, can we have faith to go ahead.

    I feel India will need another 100 years at least – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Economic development is one thing, but for the people themselves to change, we need new generations – two or three of them. And only time can provide that…

    @Bhagwad Jal park,
    Yeh, it is the hope that keeps us going… Counting the pluses and substracting the minuses and yet maintaining a realistic picture of where we stand is the key. People changing themselves requires not generations but conscious living, an awareness and connectedness. Conscious living is hard work, one has to think how my actions impact others and the environment. In a times when brandnames are new Gods and plastic, pesticides and other poisons are stuffed into mother earth change in psyche often seems bleek. But then there are few who’ll keep the flame burning…
    Thanks for being hopeful…



  7. suranga August 15, 2010 at p08 #

    Desi Girl,

    I heard you… and joined in the chorus…It is raining here too !

    Welcome to GGTS, a safe space.

    Thanks for joining me in the chorus, I felt the echo and support 🙂
    That is my little ritual I do it when I don’t get to go to any National celebration.

    Please share this message of hope with anyone who may benefit.
    Desi Girl


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