Pink Chaddis Exposed

15 May

Pink Chaddis Exposed  

Yes, I am writing about another current happening. Yes very unlike me. It just happened, I called sathi log to say hi! and catchup on the demise of Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, former vice-president of India. Had participated in many people’s protest movements especially attrocities against women during his chief ministership. Left Des but could not leave the movement, may be it has sunk into my blood. After exchange of few pleasantaries with the first person to pick up the phone as usual everyone rushed in as everyone had to hear my voice and fill me in with the latest and whatever happened since my last call. It was Sasha’s turn, she could not contain her excitement, she was literally screaming her lungs out. She was happy Aajtak and Tehelka had exposed the custodians of Indian culture and the morality police that made possible the emergence of Pink Chaddi Campaign.  

More power to Pink Chaddi Campaign pals. Down with morality police every where.  It came as no surprize to me and like minded people, we had been saying this for a long time but someone risking their life and bringing in hard evidence is really praise worthy. My words will do no justice just follow the links and judge for your self. May be contemplate on:  


Did you or people you know ever gave these custodian of morality/culture right to represent you?

If yes, then how and if no, then  how did they start saying they were doing it for us (people).   

 Is our silence responsible for giving the morality police power to curb our freedoms?  


May be now is the time to revoke this so called right to respresent people these so called custodians of morality have created on their own…  

Send Pink Chaddis, write letters to the editors, write blogs do what ever it takes just BREAK THE SILENCE…  

Enjoy your weekend will catch up soon…  


Desi Girl


4 Responses to “Pink Chaddis Exposed”

  1. समीर लाल May 21, 2010 at p05 #

    Everyone knows, they do it just to come in limelight..nothing else. Very well pointed out.


    • girlsguidetosurvival May 21, 2010 at p05 #

      Sameer Lalji,

      Thank you for visiting GGTS.

      The issue here is more than limelight it is about criminal conduct in the name of morality/culture. These guys save the culture only if they get paid for it…


      Desi Girl


  2. Haresh May 16, 2010 at p05 #

    “Did you or people you know ever gave these custodian of morality/culture right to represent you?

    If yes, then how and if no, then how did they start saying they were doing it for us (people).”

    Very well said. I would be happy to see if these ‘custodians’ are asked such questions in public.


  3. Bikramjit May 16, 2010 at p05 #

    NO i never did. and I dont beleive in moral policing too Rather when we were in college studying .. We took a lot of these guys tasking… As you know how guys got groups and all .. So it was quiet fun taking them head on .. 5 years in college were the best days and worst for these guys….

    there are a lot of issues to be taken care then do this moral stuff.. much important then keeping a watch on a boy and girl… who are minding there own bloody business….

    I would personally like to meet these guys.. and ask them to see whats happening in there own HOUSE..

    Take care have a great weekend


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