A New Fatwa: Does it Matter?

11 May

A New Fatwa: Does it Matter?

The ringing phone woke me up. I am not a morning person, though I want to be one because it would help with my sadhana. It is not my thing. I did not want to get out of the bed but the phone would not stop ringing (I keep phone and alarm clock on the other side of the room just a technique to help me from sinking back into the bed). I picked the phone; it was Begum, my Pakistani friend. I mumbled “Ah, Begum so early whatz up?” Begum was pretty charged up. She was up in arms, “Did you see that on the ndtv, did you see it.” I was still sleepy and Begum was literally screaming in my ears. She asked me to turn on my computer and take a look at the email she sent me. I wanted little time but she was on my way or high way. I abided by what she said.

Her email read “watch this and write something.” I am one lazy dog who refuses to write about current topics because I know many bloggers will do that every morning so why do I need to reinvent the wheel. Rather I prefer writing comments on other people’s posts. Here Begum was on my case. She was calling me 11,000 miles away at an uncomfortable time to tell me what she thinks about this new fatwa on working women. Her voice was tense and high pitched all charged up. Here is what she said:

“Ask this attention seeking juvenile who is going to pay my rent and bills. Is he going to send me a check to cover my daughter’s school fee because her father washed off his hands after returning my mehar (dower)? Is he going to make sure my old parents are taken care off when I work in a sweat shop because it is one place where only women work and have no interaction with unrelated men. He doesn’t have to work his rent money comes from the zakat (tithe) other people make. How much is he willing to send me? Where should I send my budget? Begum’s voice was rising and I was now almost awake. She continued, “He is talking about the divine career or carrier like the cycle carrier, on the day of judgment why doesn’t he say anything about my present. Yeh, kill my present career to make my divine career, good advice.” “Why is he concerned about my journey on the pul-e-siraat I’ll manage it on my own, I make an honest living and I am raising my daughter all by myself. Does he have anything to say to the father of my child? Why can’t he mind his own business, attention seeker?

 I had to say something before her voice rose even higher. I said, “Begum, this guy is in India and you are in Pakistan on vacation why are you so charged up and what is this with attention seeking thing?” I was amused at her explanation, “Your Khaps have seized all the attention in the last month and there is nothing for this guy to do these days. In order to feel he exists and to make others known that he is still alive he has to make such absurd comments every now and then. Do you think we educated women are going to follow what he says? Be assured we are not, he is just barking at the wrong tree. Will your Sania Mirza stop playing or Shabana Azmi quit acting. But he is definitely making it hard for the poor uneducated masses especially women and pushing them into cycle of poverty generation after generation. I asked again, “He is in India how does it bother you?” Her response was, “As a sensible person it bothers me. It encourages other guys in the third world to come up with such absurd ideas and make women’s already hard lives harder.”

 Begum was equally mad at the moderates and liberals. She said the moderates were buying peace from such fundamentalist at any cost forgetting peace at any cost is no peace where as, liberals are hiding because they are scared to face the fundamentalists. She had few other personal and not so personal things to vent out and I am all ears. Isn’t that what friends are for. I have eliminated all the expletives from this talk. I love her Urdu spiced with Punjabi and before saying Allah Hafiz I asked her to narrate Ustad Daman’s my favorite couplet:

Anna mare anni noo, ghasun pain dhammi noo,

A blindman in his bid to hit the blind woman hits a pillar but is thinking he is hitting the blindwoman.

 Keep bribing and corrupting the system as much you can, keep biting on what ever you can but still keep screaming it is evil system.

Jinni jinni paindi ay oni oni paayi jao, whichon wich khayee jao, utton utton rola payi jao.

Do what ever works as always thus continue your old ways (contribute to towards the corruption of the system ) but keep crying wolf (keep complaining like always).  This was the best interpretation I could provide.

8 Responses to “A New Fatwa: Does it Matter?”

  1. Benita Ly May 31, 2010 at p05 #

    Really great post. Truely.


  2. Neva Devine May 26, 2010 at p05 #

    If I had a nickel for every time I came here! Incredible post.


  3. Ashwini May 13, 2010 at p05 #

    Very thought provoking!


  4. Bikram May 12, 2010 at p05 #

    looking at the blog title.. i hope guys are allowed to comment 🙂

    Fatwas are just a way of seeking attention.. have there been any fatwas shot out .. for the GOOD OF HUMAN BEING .. in the recent past or for decades.. Its all about Which group gets the most media output by issueing a fatwa..

    I am a Sikh and we also had a few of these fatwas issued and then take aback.. all this sham has put a doubt over all these so called religious or group leaders …

    I guess i have gone on a tangent here sorry…

    Nice article though..
    loved the couplet ANNA Maare Anni noo.. ha ha haa nice one …

    so jado kade koi fatwa ave.. i usually ignore it cause any which are not for good of humans can never be goood END OF …



    • girlsguidetosurvival May 12, 2010 at p05 #

      Bikram welcome to GGTS, a safe space.

      The blog title may indicate it is about women dominated issues but all issues are women’s issues. If men are hurting for what ever reason it impacts women as mothers, daughters, sisters, spouses or as fellow human beings. Men are most welcome to make comments and even write guest posts.

      I am responding to your all three comments here:

      WOWOW where were you 3 months ago

      GGTS was here. Its been in the blog world since mid Oct 2009. Only recently a reader helped me register at blogadda and indibloger.

      … hmmmmmmmmmm you forgot one REVENGE…
      it should be allowed … shud it not 🙂

      I mentioned the issue of revenge in the Process of Grieving as anger directed at the object of affection. Thinking about and executing revenge is really problematic. It shows how helpless the person is over the other person and how desperately they want to control the other. It is true but a sad part of a break up when people cannot take no for an answer and want to control things they cannot by destroying them.

      I am sorry for what ever hurt you that you thought of ending your life at one time but I am glad it is over and you are here. You very rightly said …why kill oneself.. when you can go and kill the cause …

      The better answer is in the serenity prayer:

      GOD, grant me the serenity

      to accept the things
      I cannot change,
      Courage to change the

      things I can, and the
      wisdom to know the difference.

      Please keep coming back,


      Desi Girl


      • Bikram May 13, 2010 at p05 #

        Thanks for the lovely reply .. Do visit mine too as and when you are free and the words of wisdom .. Thanks


  5. Sagar May 12, 2010 at p05 #

    Rightly pointed out , just an fake attempt to seek attentions for them but will definitely worsen the situation if other fundamentalists start favoring them


    • girlsguidetosurvival May 12, 2010 at p05 #


      Welcome to GGTS, a safe space.

      You are right the problem is aggrevated when fundamentalist minds start favoring or supporting such fatwas. For this reason it is important for moderates and liberals to voice their discontent. Sitting silent is like endorsing what such dictates are saying.

      Please keep coming back,


      Desi Girl


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