Atiya Finds the Imposter

22 Mar

Atiya Found the Imposter


All the chaos pertaining to abuse of GGTS label as personal moniker by some imposter(s) sent Atiya looking out for them. Late last night Desi Girl received an email from Atiya that she is posting here with her take on it. Atiya writes:


Desi Girl,

It bothered me a lot to see how GGTS has been abused by some unscrupulous and selfish person. Who not only likes to ride on someone’s nickel but is also flaunting pseudo intellectualism and expertise on very thing Indian thus claiming to be Mr. Know all. This person has never left the Indian subcontinent and has limited exposure to other cultures. Their low self esteem is compensated with narcissism and megalomania. Let me clarify how I am able to draw these conclusions, I had to visit each blog you mentioned in the disclaimer and had to read all the things I never wished to know. But it was an interesting read I should say that. The HBD and PUA are exactly what you and I detest from the core of our hearts. Then I had to trace GGTS to know where else she has been posting comments. I found Desi Girl had been visiting blog world across the globe and foolishly divulging TMI. I met Mr. Know All at Times of India, I noticed he made an open threat to you.

“Thanks for your invitation to visit GGTS and leave my opinion there. It may or may not help to make it better.    But one thing is for sure once I started to leave my opinion there you will forget to say…..

My best wishes are with you and your GGTS. Don’t worry, I am not planning to leave any comments there in near future.
Thanks and regards


He did keep his promise he did not leave any comment on GGTS but he definitely created a mess for you else where in the blog world. In his dark world nothing has changed and there is no hope for the humanity. Since your disclaimer his stance has changed for reference look the comment dated March 18, 2010 at . I know desi girl doesn’t agree with what is written there because she believes in respecting the God within her.

I wish, Desi Girl will learn something from this experience and use more discretion in sending out details about her life. I am also concerned as I am part of your desi knowledge production effort and I was the one who pushed you to create this blog. The anonymity of internet has its risks and it comes with greater responsibility both towards  self and others. I want you safe and alive. I cannot afford to loose our friendship of fifteen years and most of all you.

Like you I wish peace for the soul of this imposter. 



Desi Girl says:

Thank you, my dear friend to watchout my back. I value your friendship for you know me what I stand for and what matters to me. Yes, I honor the element of the creator/universe within me and the other person. I agree, you are right I should use more discretion in divulging personal information. But I do not know if this imposter is the same person you think is. It could be someone else with same tendencies taking advantage of that threat. They could even change name as usual and go else where and cook their stories but for us we know what we stand for at the GGTS

Recognize together we can change our lives 

Refuse to be part of any discriminatory behaviors and politics

 Resist stereotypes to build positive experiences

Yes, I wish them peace for they may know that peace is more than chasing skirts and omniscience. 

Desi Girl appreciates the support of all readers and comment writers on this blog and also all those who sent their personal support through emails.

One Response to “Atiya Finds the Imposter”

  1. niceandnew March 22, 2010 at p03 #

    Great going Atiya!


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Own your relationships. Don't let them own you.

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Own your relationships. Don't let them own you.

Own your relationships. Don't let them own you.


Own your relationships. Don't let them own you.

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