Moments of Grace: A Glance at 2009

28 Dec

Moments of Grace: A Glance at 2009

The 2009 began with a gift of a three week deadline extension on a critical project against all odds. A money making deal fell apart but came through a win in an essay contest and a short project.  Dealt with messed up bones, finished “the critical project” and walked the walk when all odds were against this graduation. Realized I have a vision that can distinguish various shades and shapes; had forgotten to enjoy the view of roses on my way to work and my nose can trace all aromas.

A thing of beauty

Traveled four states in bus, train and a plane; rode a police patrol car without handcuffs for two and half hours to camp on the mountain top. Who knew someone could do this. Tented on a gradient, kept rolling down all night every night and finally the tent flooded. The dream spot I coveted for last four years was not as comfortable as I thought. It is okay I survived it. Liked a kid and took him for a son, a child I would wish to have in some other life time. I adopted this easy path because I didn’t want to change the diapers and his teenage tantrums are taken care off. All my bases are covered.

Long road ahead

Long road ahead

Every minute was fun and a blessing. On the return went to county fair with my best foody, Stan is the man, we enjoyed the doughnuts. Every one needs a friend they can splurge with.

Doughnuts Galore

In July started looking for work, came through another three week stint as a guest interpreter at a museum. Had an opportunity to live in an all expense paid hotel room with a view in one of the finest cities in the world. Did this job with great passion, learned a lot, it added to my understanding of designing large scale exhibits, also met some very wonderful and supportive people. Twice went for Grunion run, grunions were no show but saw one grunion digging sand with her snoot to reach water. Learned I will never give upon life for life is too precious.

On return started exploring the not so encouraging job market. Gained few interviews and two very dear friends who stood by when I most dearly needed support. Rinky called for the first time in last eighteen months (it is my job to keep the communication channels open). Atiya bugged me into writing this blog and Amu encouraged me to visit her for my first white Christmas. Packed my suitcases and moved for good to uncharted waters of the north. Five years ago I came to this vibrant town with two suitcases and lots of hopes. The hopes flickered like the scented candles in my bath and the suitcases multiplied geometrically. Now when I was ready to move it was time to choose what to keep and what to leave. Chose some sentimental stuff (just hundred pounds in weight) and once again left with two suitcases to this sleepy town to live in a wooden cabin. Saw my first snow and counted my blessings. It is never a dull moment. I love it this way. I do not fit in any way in the categories of success as proposed by our desi communities but I do not consider my self poor or a failure. My presence does make some people uncomfortable because they fail to define me but does it matter. Who cares I do not want to live my life in their boxes.

Friends taking inventory of 2009

I stand here with Amu taking an inventory of my gains and losses in 2009:

No. Gains Losses
1. Healthy mind, body and soul  
2. Healthy and supportive family  
3. Healthy and supportive friends Physical distance from dear friends
4. Strength to give up unused stuff bought with passion  
5. Got rid of emotionally draining acquaintances  
6. Learned new meditations  
7. Gained ten pounds Messed up routine
8. Opportunity to start afresh  

Even when I was alone I never felt alone, the lord almighty watched over me and sent his/her angles in the form of these dear friends to keep me company and encourage me. I read some where ‘friends are a God’s way of apologizing for relatives.” If I met five people with an attitude so did I meet fifty with kindness and a smile, it was all worth it.  My folks have made their peace with the fact that I am happy, healthy and safe to them that is all it matters here on. Over all 2009 is a blessing. In a 5.3´ hundred forty pound frame minor wear and tear is normal- two surgeries and three rehabs are not much; they are just minor maintenance procedural issues. Every minute is a joy, a celebration of being alive in the company of people who love me. As I celebrate the magnanimity of the creator in bestowing me with gifts of life, friendships and family I wish all my readers will find it worth celebrating. I’ll be back soon I am heading to snowy woods to look for more blessings…


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